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    Concrete Pump Schwing S55SX

    Schwing Germany concrete pumps are known for their low operating and maintenance costs thanks to the advanced technology implemented in the ROCK system and the VECTOR system.

    The S55SX is known for its power and high performance at low engine speeds and for the durability of the ROCK valve.


    Concrete pumps made by Schwing Germany are known for the most advanced VECTOR (pump computer) control in the world.

    The VECTOR control in the S55SX incorporates a diagnostic system that ensures safe operation, in addition to alert about pump maintenance.

    SC 30 Remote control – The light weight of the remote control and ease of use help reduce the level of fatigue and allows the operator to focus on work over time. The remote control batteries are powerful and guarantee an operating time of more than 8 hours.

    Open Hydraulic System – The S55SX open hydraulic system efficiently converts engine power into pump power.

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