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    Lighting Towers Maintenance Ltd is the exclusive importer of light towers manufactured by Atlas Copco, specializing in the manufacture of mobile and stationary equipment designed for construction and infrastructures. The wide selection of light towers offered by the company is designed to offer an extensive range and adapt the light towers to different and varied applications and needs. Atlas Copco lighting systems are flexible and dynamic and have been designed to address all aspects of efficiency and safety.

    Apart from purchasing, M. Bar Maintenance also offers the option of renting light towers, which is also an advantage for those who are looking for a temporary solution.

    At M. Bar, different and varied lighting solutions are available to you at different levels of performance and in accordance with different types of needs and applications, so that you
    can select the solution that best suits your needs.

    Light towers are commonly used for many purposes and as technology evolves there is more room for innovation and progress in light towers design as well. Atlas Copco places great emphasis on the innovation of LED technology. The innovative design of lighting maximizes the light coverage used and reduces “lighting waste”. A single light tower can cover an area of up to 5,000 m2 and ensure that lighting is brighter, safer and more productive.

     * They save Diesel consumption

    * Daylight illumination within a radius of 50 meters in each direction

    *  Convenient to operate and easy to transport

    * They rise to a height of 8 meters

    * Wide choice of models

    * They operate in state and security agencies

    Atlas Copco light towers are the best choice when looking for uncompromising quality, and maximum throughput during use. The light towers are suitable for a wide range of applications, from music and sports events to construction processes of various types. The towers are made from materials that contribute to their strength, durability and sturdiness, for different terrain conditions, and they provide an optimal solution in terms of safety and for all requirements on the site.

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