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    Concrete Mixers Maintenance Ltd is the exclusive importer of concrete mixers made by Stetter Germany. Stetter mixers are known worldwide as reliable, durable and highly effective concrete mixers in the field of concrete conveyance. The concrete mixers are manufactured in various sizes from 6 m/m3 to a 15/13 m/m3 truck mixer in two main configurations: Power Take Off (PTO) and external auxiliary engine. Installations are carried out in Israel and abroad.

    Concrete mixers made by STETTER Germany – Uncompromised Quality

    For decades, concrete mixers have been used for construction projects, both simple and complex, around the world. Stetter Germany’s concrete mixers offer performance, quality and reliability even in challenging working conditions, as they make work in the field or on site much more efficient and cost-effective. The concrete mixers are equipped with all the advanced technologies, a product of many years of experience, developed to provide an optimal solution to changing work needs.

    Points to consider when working with a concrete mixer

    If in the past the concrete production process was manual, today there are concrete mixers that make the concrete production process much more efficient and fast, especially when large quantities of high quality concrete are required. Concrete mixers are not only used to produce the mix, but also to unload it properly. Therefore, the type of mixer you choose is critical and can affect the result. In addition, the type of mixer will affect the work process, the mixing capabilities, concrete unloading, maintenance and more.

    Types of concrete mixers

    There are two main types of concrete mixers, mobile and stationary. A stationary concrete mixer will usually have a small volume and will be used to make small amounts of concrete. On the other hand, a mobile concrete mixer will have a larger volume and will be mounted on a truck so that it can be moved from place to place. These mixers must be very professional and work in accordance with the required standards.

    At, we provide you with the most reliable and best-selling models of concrete mixers so that you can choose the solution that exactly meets your needs.

    Itsik Kimhi
    Director of Sales
    Daniel Bachar
    Equipment sales , South Central Region
    Mohamad Mohsen
    Equipment sales , Northern Region
    Mamduch Karma
    Equipment sales , Palestinian Territories
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