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    Concrete Pump Schwing S28X

    The S28X concrete pump has a low opening height of only 5.85 m.

    It can be opened not only in normal constructions, but also in enclosed structures (halls and tunnels).

    It features an RZ boom that provides ideal slip and threading properties on problematic work sites.

    The pump chassis is adapted to narrow work sites without access to the site itself.





    The machine is equipped with removable hose boxes that allow the operator to use it as a refurbishment pump.

    These boxes can be loaded and unloaded using a forklift, crane or even a boom of the pump itself so that the pump hoses can reach wherever needed.

    Similarly to additional models of concrete pumps made by Schwing Germany, the pump is equipped with the ROCK valve for exceptional suction and pumping.

    High performance that leads to high savings, low wear and excellent reliability!


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