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    Spare parts warehouse

    When working with advanced construction and infrastructure equipment, it is important to have a backup stock, when required by the equipment’s wear and tear.

    At M. bar, we place emphasis on excellence and on providing A to Z solutions for our customers. Therefore, in addition to quality products, we also operate a spare parts warehouse from the best manufacturers.


    Spare Parts Warehouse with more than 10,000 items

    You never know when your concrete mixer will stop working, the light tower will malfunction or the crane will stall. Even the best quality products need maintenance and service. Thanks to our solution, you can ensure that the work routine is not compromised. Since we offer a comprehensive set of solutions to customers, M. Bar Maintenance has a large spare parts warehouse with more than 10,000 different items from the best manufacturers in the world.

    In addition, M. bar provides accessory equipment for concrete plants: screw feeders, explosion valves, filters, etc. This variety guarantees all our customers a fast, high quality, professional supply of spare parts for their day-to-day operation of the equipment, thus ensuring their peace of mind.


    Spares of VALME Global

    Bar Maintenance is the exclusive importer in Israel of VALME Italy, one of the highest quality companies in the world for the production of single layer and double layer pipelines and metal angles.

    VALME Italy works to the highest standards, while adhering to the strictest safety standards. Among the solutions provided by the company: collars, gaskets, complementary equipment and accessories in the field of concrete conveyance in pipelines. At M. Bar, you will find an extensive and high-quality inventory of equipment from VALME, to suit different needs and applications.


    First-Class Human Capital

    The correct spare parts are an important condition for repairing, maintaining and operating professional equipment on a regular and quality basis. That is why M. Bar provides you with a skilled and experienced technical team that heads the department, along with first-class service personnel who will do everything in their power to provide you with professional and fast solutions.

    With the services of M. Bar in the field, you can have peace of mind and be sure that we are your address to get the parts you need.

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    The Spare Parts Department has an available technical team and skilled service personnel who provide professional and fast solutions to our customers.

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