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    Rental Equipment for Construction, Infrastructure & Industry Maintenance Ltd. specializes in a variety of compressed air and generation solutions for continuous power supply, backup and emergency and synchronization between generators, and operates an extensive fleet of equipment for rent.

    Among our customers: public companies, infrastructure customers, private customers, construction companies and electrical engineers nationwide.

    Rental of Generators

    A fleet of muted generators for rent, in a variety of suppliers and sizes and for a variety of fields.

    Rental of Air Compressors

    Diverse rental fleet - portable, oil-free compressors (PTS) and dryers for the gas sector, refineries, power stations.
    השכרת קומפרסור אוויר- השכרת מדחס אוויר של חברת מ. בר

    Rental Of Lighting Towers

    Rental of various lighting solutions according to the customer's needs.
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