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    Concrete Pump Schwing S43SX

    The S43SX concrete pump with Easy and Easyflex outrigger systems that expand its range of applications.

    The Easy system allows safe pump support on the one hand, thus covering a working range of 135°.

    The Easyflex system provides greater flexibility in the work site.

    As a result, pump applications work with great flexibility and maximum safety even in difficult and limited places.

    The Schwing S43SX has an operating weight of less than 32 tons, is known for its equipment light weight and for the full operational readiness of the pump.

    The S43SX boom has RZ folding – maximum mobility is given by the boom’s 5 parts through the Z folding and the large opening angle of 270 degrees.

    It presents the usual pump design made by Schwing Germany – unbeatable low maintenance with excellent cost and fuel efficiency!



    Boom – The pump boom is easy to operate and has great flexibility, can be operated intuitively thanks to its roll folding.

    Open Hydraulic System – The S43SX open hydraulic system efficiently converts engine power into pump power.

    ROCK – Optimal concrete flow valve with low friction that ensures low service and operating costs.

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