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    Concrete Pump Schwing S20

    In places where concrete cannot be poured with a larger pump, the S20 is the ultimate solution!

    The smaller the concrete pump installed on a truck, the greater its range of uses.

    The S20 is installed on a dual-axis chassis that combines low operating weight with compact dimensions and at the same time provides full and efficient operational capability!

    The Schwing S20 concrete pump is practical and compact and can be used to open Mayco lines both through an angle and through the boom.

    It features one of the most advanced technology in the world applied in the ROCK system and in the VECTOR system.

    Advantages of the S20 with DN100 boom supply line

    Higher load capacity due to lighter supply line.

    Support width is the same as the width of the vehicle – the front and rear outriggers are extended vertically.

    Advantages of the S20 with DN 125 boom supply line

    Reduced wear on pumping through the boom

    Simpler concrete pumping – larger boom size.

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