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    Concrete Pump Schwing S36X

    Reliability and high performance have been the hallmarks of the Schwing S36X pump for many years! Moreover, they have made it an established company in construction sites all over the world.

    The S36X includes efficient and reliable concrete pumping. The pump structure is made of extremely strong steel by leading steel manufacturers in the West.

    Schwing S36X is synonym to reliability!

    The S36X is a reliable pump that retains its acquisition value.

    The concrete pump has one of the most advanced hydraulic systems in the world and a long-lasting ROCK valve, which help maintain relatively low maintenance costs, save fuel consumption and offer excellent pumping performance.


    The pump boom can rotate the turret 365 degrees in either direction and in the tip section.

    A relatively lightweight wireless remote control that allows the operator to focus on prolonged work.

    The most advanced VECTOR (pump computer) system in the world.



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