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    Mobile Concrete Plants is the exclusive importer of the companies Semix,Euromecc, Schwing Stetter in Israel, establishes and carries out turnkey projects of concrete plants and recycling stations
    Recycling stations are designed to save costs and protect the environment.
    SEMIX Turkey specializes in manufacturing completely portable concrete plants assembled on perfect trailer chassis.
    A factory made by SEMIX Turkey is the ultimate solution for work sites where the consumption of concrete is large and in a relatively short time. This is a must-have product for any large construction and infrastructure contractor.
    EUROMECC is a leading Italian manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of concrete plants and prestressed concrete plants.
    The company produces “dry” concrete plants and “wet” concrete plants, from plants with a production capacity of 20-30 m3/hour to plants with a production capacity of 250-300 m3/hour. It is
    certified with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 quality control standard, as well as with the EUROPEAN EC DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY standard mark.

    The company’s plants are sold and installed in a large number of countries around the world such as Western and Eastern European countries, the Middle East and Africa.

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