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    Air Compressors Maintenance Ltd  is the exclusive importer of air compressors manufactured by Atlas Copco, which specializes in the manufacture of mobile and stationary equipment designed for construction and infrastructures.

    The company offers a wide variety of reliable and energy-efficient air compressors, suitable for any application and purpose.

    Atlas Copco compressors offer many advantages, starting from savings in fuel consumption, through resistance to harsh conditions and up to high accessibility to the maintenance of the tool and value retention of the purchased tool.

    Portable Air Compressors suit all your requirements!

    Cleaning of equipment and filters

    Cleaning of sand and paint by air compressors

    Pneumatic drills – for drilling walls and concrete

    Threading machines for sewer and water pipes

    Drying of gas pipelines

    Drilling – rock drilling for construction and concrete piles

    Understanding the needs is the first step in selecting an air compressor, when pressure and flow are at the top of the list and affect the size of the compressor. Once it has been decided how large the air compressor should be, the following questions should be asked:
    What is the application?
    * What is the required pressure inside the facility?
    * How many hours should the compressor run?
    * Is clean and/or dry air needed?
    * Which option will offer the most savings?
    * Are there any plans for future expansion?
    and more
    Such questions will help you understand your specific needs and will result in facilitating the degree of compatibility between them and the type of compressor selected.

    In order for the air compressors to perform the applications for which they are intended, professionally and reliably, they must be purchased in the right place. offers a large selection of air compressors for sale and rental, including:

      • Portable rotary-screw compressors in various capacities for different purposes.
      • Booster compressors for high pressure – including special models for military tasks.
      • Accessory equipment for compressed air – filters, cooling and liquid separation units, special piping and accessories.Our company will enable you obtain the required air compressors in accordance with your needs and the size of your budget. The company’s high quality and reliable products and services are available to you 24/7.
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