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    Our Services

    “The best service umbrella in Israel”

    We are with you all the way – after-sales service package , 24/7 rental and repair, service vehicles nationwide , central repair shop / spare parts ,
    many years of experience by professionals who specialize in the field.

    Central Service

    As part of the after-sales service package, M.Bar Maintenance operates a large central garage in Caesarea that provides solutions and support for all imported equipment.

    Service 24/7

    M.Bar Maintenance regrets the value of expertise and professionalism in the field of construction, infrastructure and industry.

    Spare parts warehouse

    Large spare parts warehouse with a variety of different items from the best leading manufacturers

    Technical Department

    As part of the after-sales service package at M.Bar Maintenance LTD, an attached technical department provides solutions to problems and technical support for all imported equipment.

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