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    Supplementary Equipment for the Drilling Field

    M.Bar Maintenance Ltd. specializes in supplying and providing technical solutions for the field of drilling work, and provides supplementary solutions from a variety of leading companies in the field of drilling:

    Baroid / Cebo – Cebo Holland and Baroid are manufacturers of bentonite (grout) materials and polymers for the field of drilling, M. Bar also provides complete solutions for recycling and grout mixing stations.

    Pancera – The Pancera Company manufactures PVC and metal pipes using the male and female method for drilling water wells.

    Colli Drill – Manufacturer of drilling equipment and drilling rods using the forged friction method (Forged friction welded drill pipes).

    Tesco – Manufacturer of supplementary equipment for the drilling field, such as drilling rods and drilling accessories.

    FANN – Manufacturer of laboratory equipment for soil fluids testing.

    FES – Manufacturer of drills, spirals, casing, for the field of drilling.

    SAICI – Manufacturer of dispensers and mixing vessels, bentonite pumps, bentonite thermal arrays and drills suitable for all types of drilling machines.

    ZIPP – Manufacturer of equipment for drilling ground anchors and stabilizing the ground, such as: hexagonal spirals, conical-threaded spirals, percussion spirals, rotary casing, percussion casing, percussion rods, adapters and swivels for drippers and double-head equipment.

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