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    Concrete mixer Stetter AM9FHC3 Maintenance Ltd. is the exclusive importer of concrete mixers made by Stetter Germany. Stetter mixers are known worldwide as reliable, durable and highly effective concrete mixers in the field of concrete conveyance. The concrete mixers are manufactured in various sizes from 6 m/m3 to a 15/13 m/m3 truck mixer in two main configurations: Power Take Off (PTO) and external auxiliary engine. Installations are carried out in Israel and abroad.

    At M. bar, we provide you with the most reliable and best-selling models of concrete mixers so that you can choose the solution that exactly meets your needs.


    C3 – The new and improved model!

    With the same quality of materials and excellent human engineering, we were able to improve the performance of the mixer itself as well.

    So what is new?

    * The water line is increased in all mixer models by changing the geometry of the spirals and their elevation.

     * Redesign of mixer supports and weight reduction.

     * Quick and simple replacement of parts that allows for low maintenance costs.

    The C3 mixer has many advantages:

    *  New rear part that allows easy access for cleaning.
    * High water line in the boiler – to prevent concrete spillage during transportation.
    * High mixing capacity – 5 spiral rotations in the boiler.
    * Convenient unloading to a pump or crane basket – by fully sliding the trough system and direct unloading from the “pants” trough.
    * Spiral system specially reinforced for Israel (double reinforcement).

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